Sustainable services & operations

We want to incorporate sustainability into everything we do and offer, and to enable our guests to live a sustainable lifestyle even when travelling. To achieve this, we focus on the following sustainable practices when providing our services and in procurement:


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  • Our food and drinks are locally sourced with a continental approach and we buy almost all of our products within the US.*
  • Many of our products come from New York, e.g. our organic sourdough and handmade jam from Brooklyn.

*Only our tequila comes, of course, from Mexico – salud! 

More on our breakfast

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  • The dishes in our breakfast buffet are certified organic and sourced locally.*
  • Our shampoo, shower gel, moisturisers and soaps are also sustainable. 
  • Our towels, flannels, bath mats and king-size bed linen are sustainable and certified with OEKO-TEX and Fairtrade seals.

*Our pastrami, jams and sweet pastries are produced locally using organic methods, but are not officially certified.

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  • None of the dishes in our buffet have any packaging.
  • Our napkins, toilet paper, paper towels and placemats are made from a recycled or sustainably grown material.
  • Our key cards are made out of recycled plastic (PVC).



  • With My Service Option, our guests have the possibility to decline having their room cleaned, meaning we can save water, cleaning products and energy. 

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Climate Protection


Climate protection is especially important to us. That’s why we want to measure and reduce our impact. The sustainable management of buildings is an intricate challenge that we look at in great detail before a hotel receives its first guests. This involved us developing a carbon footprint* (Scope 1, 2 and 3**) for the hotel building in New York in October 2022, and we will use this as the basis for annual comparisons in future (zero measurement). Based on these numbers, we can derive steps and measures with the potential to optimise and reduce our CO2 emissions.


As of 2022, we’ve been operating the whole hotel in New York using 100% green energy.

* Calculations performed in collaboration with Schlange, Zamostny & Co. GmbH

** Scope 1 covers emissions from sources that an organisation owns or controls directly – for example from our own fleet of vehicles.
Scope 2 are indirect emissions that a company causes when the electricity, heat and steam it purchases and uses is produced.

Scope 3 encompasses all emissions (not included in Scope 2) that the company is indirectly responsible for, up and down its value chain. Our Scope 3 values for 2022 are based on a model calculation.

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One Team & Society

We take responsibility – not only for our guests’ experiences during their stay, but also for our employees and the society we live in.

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Working together with our employees, we create experiences for our guests as The Cloud One hotels. We want no less for our employees. No two working days should be the same. Every day is an experience.
We stand up for diversity and openness. Everyone who works for us receives the same opportunities and possibilities. We welcome all people and celebrate their individuality. With us, they have the freedom to be who they are and who they want to be. 

Our employees and the local community where we work make a significant contribution to our success. For that reason, we are dedicated to the community around us and collaborate with local partners and artists. 
We actively involve employees in the success of the company and offer them a number of benefits. After all, sustainable success and appreciation work hand in hand here. 

Join the crew!

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We are aware of our responsibilities and have jointly undertaken to perform our day-to-day work in line with our underlying values and in accordance with the applicable law. 
One Compliance helps us to do so. In particular, our Code of Conduct – the One Code – is intended to help us make the right decisions, stand up for our values and implement them in our daily activities. The One Code applies to our entire One family, including our executive management and our supervisory board.

One Code

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ONE FOUNDATION – giving children and young people a future through education.

‘Helping young people determine their own futures and giving them opportunities through education and support is something that really matters to me.’
- Dieter Müller, founder and chairman of the Motel One Group

The One Foundation, a Motel One Group charity, is a non-profit organisation promoting equal opportunities in society. Our funding projects primarily support socially and economically disadvantaged young people, helping to give them new prospects. 
In particular, we support the integration of refugees and asylum seekers into society, education and training at school and in the workplace. The One Foundation also helps train and educate people with exceptional skills and talents (promoting excellence). The mission of our organisation is to lay the foundations for a future they determine themselves.

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