Good Morning, America!

At The Cloud One, we try to emphasise local services and products wherever we can: after all, the best things in life are often right under your nose!
That’s why 99% of the food and drinks on offer in The Cloud One Hotel New York are US-sourced: from our muesli toppings to our wine, with only a handful of exceptions, all our products come from the US.
At our breakfast buffet in particular, we’ve focused on the local region and selected producers who are on the same wavelength as us when it comes to quality and ethos.
We get a lot of products directly from small-scale suppliers in New York itself. The majority of our products are also certified organic and – because we also want to keep an eye on our carbon footprint – none of our breakfast items are individually packaged. 

Start your day with a clean conscience!



Freshly made peanut butter, crispy bagels, boiled organic breakfast eggs, overnight oats with almond milk... sounds good, right?

And of course, that’s not all: alongside pick-me-ups like locally roasted coffee, tea and juices, early birds can also enjoy a range of sausage and cheese options, fruit salad and fresh fruit. We also have plant-based milk alternatives, for example, organic vegan cheese or vegan coconut yoghurt available.

And this is all served alongside loaves of premium organic sourdough bread, pastries, jams, honey and pastrami – all from the local region, as promised!

Learn more about some of our local suppliers here:



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