Terms of participation of the beOne membership programme

The beOne membership programme (‘beOne’) of the Motel One Group (Motel One GmbH, Tegernseer Landstrasse 165, 81539 Munich, including affiliated companies under Section 15 of the German Stock Corporations Act (AktG)) rewards registered guests (‘members’) for their membership. When members make direct online bookings via their beOne profile, they receive the benefits described below. The basis for a membership is formed by the terms and conditions described below.



The programme applies for all hotels operated under the ‘Motel One’ or ‘The Cloud One Hotels’ brand name by a company of the Motel One Group at the time of the respective stay.



2.1.  Conditions of Participation
Participation in beOne is open to all persons who are legal adults or legally competent according to the laws of the country in which they reside. If this is not the case, the beOne membership is deemed not to have come into being in the first place.


2.2.  Admittance to beOne
A person can gain admittance to beOne in the following ways:


When registering, all required fields must be answered truthfully and in full. To participate in beOne, a valid email address must be provided. It is not possible for two members to use the same email address. Members may not share their password with third parties and are responsible for the use and confidentiality of their login data. If the registration is successful, the member immediately receives access to their beOne profile (including access to the various functions of the membership area on the and, online booking as a logged in member, etc.).


Changes to the email address, postal address, name or other relevant information can be made directly by the member in their beOne profile on the and websites.


2.3.  Cost
Consent to receive newsletters and other information from the provider is required in order to participate in beOne. No other costs are incurred by participating in beOne. Members are not issued with a physical beOne membership card.


2.4.  Consent to receive newsletters and other information
By registering for beOne, the member (user) agrees, as consideration, to receive advertising material (electronic messages about the programme, i.e. general information, overview of bookings, personalised information and offers, etc.).

As consideration for participation in beOne, the member consents to the collection, processing and use of their personal data by Motel One GmbH as required for the execution of the beOne membership programme, as well as in the context of bookings and for the transmission of regular information about news, promotions and offers of Motel One and The Cloud One Hotels related to hotels and travel via email, text, WhatsApp or other electronic media.

The member furthermore, as consideration, consents to the use of their personal data for targeted advertising purposes on the Motel One and The Cloud One websites as well as on social media platforms.

Should the member no longer wish to receive such information, they are able to unsubscribe via the beOne newsletter.


2.5.  beOne profile
beOne can only be accessed digitally via the webpages and All information about beOne and participating in the programme is available on the pages and The beOne profile enables members to do the following:

  • view and change saved contact information;
  • add, view and change their billing address;
  • add, view and change their payment information;
  • add, view and change their partner code;
  • view bookings and reservations; and
  • view their booking history and change current bookings if necessary.


Members are required to keep their personal information (name, email address, postal address and other information relevant for the booking) up to date and to enter any changes in their beOne profile. Online access may be interrupted for reasonable periods of time for the purposes of maintenance or improving beOne.



3.1.  Registration benefit
Upon successful initial registration, the member receives a one-time voucher for a breakfast that can be redeemed during a future direct online booking through their beOne profile. The voucher must be redeemed within three months. If the member cancels their membership and then rejoins, they are not eligible for a new voucher.


3.2.  Recurring benefits
When booking through their beOne profile (on and or via the app), the member also has access to the following recurring benefits:

  • 1 x free Welcome Water per stay and room
  • Faster, easier booking using the data stored in your profile;
  • Sleep In Sunday – free late check-out on Sundays (subject to availability). Check-out at 3:00 pm, only for stays with departure on a Sunday; and
  • Additional temporary special offers as applicable, communicated via the beOne newsletter.



 4.1.  Validity
Membership with beOne begins with successful registration and is valid indefinitely, except in the case of cancellation as per item 4.


4.2.  Cancellation by the member
The member can cancel their beOne membership with immediate effect at any time by clicking ‘Delete profile’ while logged in to their profile and confirming the choice by clicking ‘Delete profile’ again in response to the question „Do you really want to delete your profile?“.


4.3.  Cancellation by the user
Motel One GmbH is entitled to cancel the membership for good cause without notice and without compensation. Cause for cancellation includes violation of these general terms and conditions, the general terms and conditions applicable to the participating hotels, provision of false information, and any inappropriate or criminal conduct (in particular unpleasant, malicious or offensive behaviour toward hotel staff or guests) by the member. Motel One GmbH reserves the right to pursue further rights and measures in such a case.


4.4.  Legal consequences of cancellation
Cancellation of beOne membership results in complete withdrawal from beOne.



The Motel One Group is only liable for damages incurred by the member in connection with their beOne membership if the damages are due to intent and gross negligence. Any compensation for damages is limited to the amount of the typically foreseeable loss. The above limitation of liability does not apply in the case of loss of life, bodily injury or damage to health, claims under the Product Liability Act, and insofar as the law prohibits such limitations.



 6.1.  Changes to the Conditions of Participation
These Conditions of Participation can be changed in part or in full by Motel One GmbH at any time. In the event of any such changes, appropriate consideration will be given to the interests of the member. Insofar as changes substantially affect the rights and obligations of the member, members will be notified of this prior to enactment of the changes in their beOne profile or via email and will have the opportunity to object within a reasonable period of time. Moreover, beOne membership can be cancelled at any time as per item 4. Insofar as membership with beOne continues without objection after the enactment of changes, this signifies the member’s consent to the new Conditions of Participation. If a member objects to the change within the allotted time period, their membership can be cancelled by the user in accordance with item 4.3.


6.2.  Changes to the beOne benefits
It is expressly made clear that the beOne benefits specified in item 3 can also be changed or withdrawn in part or in full at any time in accordance with item 6.1.



By registering for beOne, the member declares their consent to the use of their personal data in accordance with the data protection provisions ( and



By registering for beOne, the member unconditionally accepts these Conditions of Participation as well as the General Terms and Conditions ( and of the participating hotels for all future bookings as a member. The present Conditions of Participation replace any previous agreements and are subject to German law without prejudice to any mandatory protective provisions applicable in the country of residence of the consumer. The place of jurisdiction is Munich.



All information and details regarding beOne can be found at and